Local Council Boosts Speed of Responses and Resolutions with KANA CRM Platform

With 45,000 residents, the City of South Perth local council responds to over 100,000 customer requests annually. In 2012, the local council determined its current CRM setup wasn’t facilitating fast enough response times to customer requests or giving citizens enough options for finding answers to their enquiries. As they already had a relationship with Datacom, the local council sought their help in identifying a technology solution that could offer better customer service through multiple modes of communication and self-help tools without increasing staff costs.

The solution

Datacom WA began working to procure a multi-channel CRM platform that allowed customers to get in touch with the local council how, where and when they needed. The solution also needed to integrate into the local council’s backend systems so customer service representatives could easily pull up customer data.

Datacom soon identified the KANA Lagan CRM platform, by U.S.-based customer service solutions provider KANA, as the best fit for the local council’s needs because of the solution’s global use by local, state and federal government bodies. The KANA Lagan CRM platform is different from private sector CRM solutions, streamlining the often slow process flow across government departments and databases and integrating with the government systems to improve progress tracking of customer requests and concerns.

The Datacom team was charged with handling the complete project design and delivery, beginning with procuring the right KANA CRM components for City of South Perth, which included KANA Lagan Agent Desktop, Lagan Knowledge Management and Lagan Web Self Service. Datacom then configured, tested and implemented the KANA CRM platform across the local council, including integration into the backend systems. Datacom also led the change management and training process for the local council’s 200 customer service staff.

The results

The local council went live with the KANA Lagan CRM solution in August 2012 and in just six months has seen a decrease in call volume and an increase in problem resolution times — all without increasing the number of resources or overall costs.

By empowering citizens to quickly answer simple enquires themselves and find information through web and self-hep tools available 24/7, City of South Perth contact staff are now free to focus on and improve response times for more advanced customer issues. Customer service representatives now have a single view of each customer through the KANA CRM solution that is integrated into the local council’s backend systems, which improves workflows and allows staff to handle enquiries though phone, email or chat. Customers also can now track their own requests through emails informing them of their progress and resolution. Through the KANA CRM platform, City of South Perth has also gained access to improved performance reporting and monitoring through KANA Lagan CRM’s business intelligence features — information that can help the local council improve service, policies and program outcomes.

The local council was pleased with the way the KANA solution was delivered, from procurement to implementation to training, says Michael Kent, Director Finance & Information Services, City of South Perth.

“The self-service options for residents and the streamlining of service requests delivered by Datacom’s best-practice solution have resulted in significant labour and cost savings, which we can channel to other valuable resident services.” Kent says. “A truly integrated CRM solution such as this has been talked about in local government for years yet has never been achieved before now. We are proud to demonstrate best practice for customer service in local government across WA.”