Datacom Brings IT Flexibility and Scale to Presbyterian Aged Care

The ability to tap into IT resources on demand, such as instantly having extra staff in the IT department to help with server support,– what organisation wouldn’t want that?

Sydney-based Presbyterian Aged Care (PAC) wanted this type of strategic IT flexibility. A provider of high-quality care and accommodation for individuals over age 70, PAC approached Datacom for IT support services to accommodate their constantly changing technology needs. The organisation wanted access to IT resources at any time without having to staff them in their NSW and ACT locations. They also wanted to fill the gaps in professional IT skills and capabilities that some of their full-time staff were lacking without having to skill up those employees. Datacom’s solution was to give them outsourced IT help that already had the knowledge to fulfil PAC’s technology and business goals.

All the bases covered

PAC wanted improvements in four areas: IT flexibility in supporting business goals; responsiveness in daily operations; a combination of in-house and specialist IT skills without recruiting or training more staff; and scheduling and delivering IT projects while managing daily support.

It was a lot of ground to cover. Fortunately, Datacom was able to tailor a solution for PAC through its In-house Plus Support Services team.

A crew of experienced, vendor-certified personnel, the services team gave PAC the broad-ranging skills and expertise it needed. To strike the balance between strategy and “lights-on” operations, Datacom offered both onsite and remote IT help at several PAC locations in NSW and ACT. The services team covered troubleshooting tasks, including dedicated network, server and backup/restore support, and filled in for PAC staff on leave or out sick.

With the behind-the-scenes operations sorted, PAC was able to work with Datacom to refocus on its strategic IT initiatives through ongoing systems audits, system health checks and reports and continuous improvement projects. And perhaps the best part: PAC was able to take advantage of a flexible pricing model that enabled them to better manage and get more out of their IT budget.

Evolving together

The end result of the PAC-Datacom partnership was a well-rounded, more strategic IT department. There’s now a dynamic, on-demand nature to PAC’s IT environment, enabling staff resources and knowledge to be allocated appropriately.

A large part of the success, according to PAC, was Datacom’s passionate, partner-focused approach to the project, plus its local support in both NSW and ACT. PAC appreciated that Datacom took the time to understand their business, their goals and how they operate. Every step of the support service solution was planned with PAC’s short-term and long-term objectives in mind.

PAC couldn’t be more pleased with the service they received through the In-house Plus Support Services team, says Eamonn Ryan, Information Technology Services Manager, Presbyterian Aged Care.

“The entire Datacom team is impeccably qualified, highly professional and provides very flexible support,” he says. “Datacom’s team has worked seamlessly as part of our in-house IT capability, developing strong relationships built on a high level of dedication and a commitment to providing a quality service.”