WA Government Agency Cuts Costs, Boosts Compliance with Electronic Records Management System

Electronic records management is no doubt important for most organisations, but the stakes are higher when you’re a public agency, as government guidelines often require a meticulous electronic records management process and reporting framework. And with government requirements necessitating organisations make records of all types available for discovery in legal situations, these agencies are under increased pressure to store their information electronically and make it available on a moment’s notice, as missing information could result in legal ramifications and fines.

Healthway is a WA-based, independent government agency that aims to reduce preventable diseases by sponsoring and providing grants to organisations and events that promote healthy living. Their manual, physical records management process was taking too much time and employee effort and increasing the risk records would be lost or mis-classified. Already a Datacom partner, Healthway engaged the WA team to transfer their process to an electronic records management method to reduce risk and improve compliance.

The solution

The Datacom team used its business process consulting expertise to work with Healthway in designing and building a new electronic records management solution whilst providing change management assistance and ongoing support to end users. Datacom first assessed Healthway’s requirements, which included strict government processes and security guidelines, contract management and processing business grants. Datacom concluded that the organisation required an electronic records management model that updated and automated current processes, improved reporting capability and housed everything electronically.

After proof-of-concept testing several electronic records management solutions, Datacom selected HP TRIM and Kapish TRIM Explorer as the best electronic records management approach for Healthway. HP TRIM aligns well with a government organisation because it provides auto-classification of information, compliance with government policies and document security. The electronic records management solution is scalable, keeps the organisation primed for electronic discovery and improves records-searching capabilities.

Kapish TRIM Explorer provides an easier way to use HP TRIM, as users can access the electronic records management software using Windows Explorer. HP TRIM appears as a network drive on the user’s computer, providing easily accessible top-level folders for electronic records management, drag and drop functions for records and the ability to preview multiple documents at the same time. Using Kapish to execute HP TRIM, Datacom aimed to provide Healthway with fewer change management headaches and improved functionality with their electronic records management system.

The results

In the year since HP TRIM and Kapish TRIM Explorer were implemented, Healthway has already saved $40,000 a year in resources thanks to the new electronic, automatic nature of the electronic records management process. In addition to these cost savings, the Datacom-led HP TRIM and Kapish solution has boosted productivity since records, data, grants and contracts are now easier and less time-consuming to manage, as well as easier to classify and search. Operations are improved thanks to the shift in resources previously used for manual, physical electronic records management to more strategic projects, in addition to reduced need and cost for physical records storage. The electronic records management solution also keeps Healthway compliant, as all facets of the HP TRIM/Kapish project were implemented in line with the State Records Act 2000, which will reduce the costs and legal headaches related to any potential need for legal discovery.

Lina Barbato, Director Corporate Services, Healthway, praised the quality and enduring performance of Datacom’s services during the electronic records management system upgrade.

“Their wealth of knowledge, change management skills and ability to distil the real issues, no matter how complex, were fantastic,” she says. “We were particularly impressed with how they dealt with the speed of internal change during a growth curve…Overall, Datacom’s in-depth understanding of how we operate has resulted in a professional solution with comprehensive reporting that meets our objectives.”