The Importance of Social Media Monitoring in Your School after a 1:1 Program Rollout

Implemented successfully and with a clear strategic vision, 1:1 programs can foster connectedness, continuous communication and authentic experiences that escalate learning. But there are many components that go into getting a 1:1 program right. In addition to surveying all affected school populations to assess their learning and technology needs and concerns, your school must figure out hardware, software, IT support, data storage and other key elements. Another crucial factor not to overlook in the rush to put technology into the hands of students and teachers is a carefully detailed user policy and a means to ensure it is followed.

Such a policy should guide how staff and students can use devices like laptops and iPads both inside and outside of school. Monitoring discussions of your school online is one way to ensure that students and staff are acting in accordance with your policy. A social media monitoring service can help you address sensitive issues around social media use, cyber bullying and inappropriate web content before they’ve escalated.

Gaining visibility over social media

Even if your school doesn’t have a Facebook page, your students and staff likely do. And, more importantly, anyone can create a page that is associated with your school. Unless it’s extremely obscene, chances are slim that Facebook will shut it down for you.

Knowing what’s being communicated on pages created by students can help you identify who exactly might be breaching your user policy and allow you to take appropriate action. As Australian schools have a duty of care to protect students from bullying both in person and online, it’s crucial your school oversees all the places in which students are interacting to prevent potential issues. Not only can this ensure the safety of your students, it can also protect your brand. One bullying case in Australia led to a $1.5 million lawsuit that was paid to the affected student after his school was found in neglect of its duty of care. Cases like this can lead to immeasurable brand damage for a school.

Datacom worked with one secondary school where students created an unofficial page that included unsavoury comments about students and staff. Facebook stated that the page wasn’t inappropriate enough to take down. The school decided to use our social media monitoring service to track posts and comments on the page and address any that were particularly harmful. The school was able to gain visibility over discussions to make sure none intensified, informing their actions offline to address and educate their students and communicate with the wider school community, including ex-students.

Discovering discussions outside of mainstream social media forums

There are a plethora of social media channels, and even more forums and micro-blogging sites. On any of these sites, students and staff could potentially be talking openly about your school. While this doesn’t necessarily mean all discussions are negative, it pays to monitor conversations to ensure nothing demeaning or endangering to the welfare of students is present.

The good news is you can monitor these conversations even if your school is not actively engaging online. By simply listening online, your school can get a real-time snapshot of the types of discussions occurring and where they are happening. Using reporting tools, a social media monitoring service allows your school to search keywords connected to issues such as cyber bullying and potential school violence, regardless of the sites on which these discussions are taking place. Having this type of regular insight allows you to react immediately to a potentially serious comment or post on one of these sites.

You can handle overall technology planning, 1:1 program rollout and social media monitoring with one provider through Datacom. Our education team is led by experienced educators and IT experts schooled in how to implement successful technology programs that drive educational outcomes. Our social media team has worked with a number of schools to track their and other schools’ presence online. To learn if your organisation could benefit from our social media or education services, take our online assessments:

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