Transforming New Zealand’s Agile Training Industry

Datacom is now a certified Agile training provider!

We recently received our accreditation from the International Consortium for Agile (ICAgile). Our fresh new approach to Agile training combines classroom theory with hands-on experience gained from using Agile in real-world projects every day across NZ. In addition to this new generation of certified courses, we also offer upskilling and refresher training, Agile coaching and mentoring, project facilitation, project health checks and organisational maturity assessments.

ICAgile is the largest accreditation and certification body in the industry. ICAgile works with corporations and training organizations to accredit courses based on their comprehensive and proven learning objectives. ICAgile’s rigorous accreditation process ensures that every ICAgile-accredited course will help people acquire the knowledge they need to build agile competence in a specific discipline.

Datacom’s new Agile training, coaching and consulting services create a unique and pragmatic approach that can be applied both in a classroom, and on the job with live projects.

The demand for a new approach to Agile training came from both inside our organisation, and via feedback from our customers. They struggled to find professional development for our project staff that was more than just rigid classroom theory.

Customer feedback also showed they were also unsatisfied with the current training options on offer, and wanted a more hands-on experience that could be delivered in conjunction with trained developers that could “lead the way” for their staff on live projects. Having actual developers and consultants on hand helps them bring that knowledge back into their businesses and embed it into their daily working lives.

A Datacom scrum team discussing their project during an Agile standup

Datacom’s specialist Advisory team worked closely with ICAgile to create a certified training course, that could be offered as part of an end-to-end suite of services alongside their consulting, assessment, coaching and development services.

These are now available to Datacom staff and customers in all of Datacom’s 21 locations across Asia Pacific:
• Certified Agile Professional (CAP) – ICAgile-accredited training course, resulting in the ICAgile Certified Professional (ICP) certification (2 days)
• Agile Refresher, Customised Training & Upskilling Courses (0.5 to 2 days)
• Agile Project Kick-off Facilitation (0.5 to 2 days)
• Agile Team Health Checks & Organisational Maturity Assessments (0.5 to 2 days)
• On-the-job coaching & mentoring of Agile teams, Scrum Masters, Product Owners, and Managers (POA)

What Is Agile?

Our world is constantly changing. The Agile development approach adapts to changes and manages uncertainties, by discovering and learning. This is achieved through iterative development, where the outcome and the solution to implement it are evolved through collaboration among self-organising, cross-functional teams. Agile has now moved beyond software development, making impact to the business and the entire organisation.

Find Out More

If you or your teams are not confident about what Agile really is or how to get the most out of it as a team, the Datacom CAP (Certified Agile Professional) course has been designed with you in mind.

Our goal is for your teams to feel comfortable holding Agile discussions with others, and to confidently and effectively take part in an any Agile projects. This is not “lecture-style” training; it’s fully hands-on and involves real-world applications to enhance the learning experience. We believe that Agile is best learned through ‘doing’, not just classroom theory.

If your organisation is already practicing Agile, but you’d like to learn how you can better streamline your development pipeline, then Datacom’s Agile Health Checks & Organisational Maturity Assessments are designed specifically for this scenario.

For customer training, consulting or coaching services, or for more information on any of our Agile services contact:
Ming Yii, Datacom Agile Practice Lead
Phone: +6421533977
Course registration: Datacom Agile training web page

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