When choosing a data centre, the Tier rating isn’t enough

Data Centre MO

By Tom Jacob

A data centre outage can bring its customers’ companies screeching to a halt, costing the business money and causing reputational damage. With that in mind, what would you look at when selecting a data centre?

If the first thing that came to mind was the technology, think again. A new report from Data Center Dynamics suggests that there may be a more important factor.

Tier ratings are certifications designed by the Uptime Institute to evaluate data centre facilities. The assessment includes factors like capacity, fault tolerance, and how maintainable a data centre is.

The Tier rating system is important, and it’s often the first thing CIOs consider. But what it doesn’t cover is the most critical element – people. The quality of a data centre’s management and operations is ultimately the responsibility of the people who work there and the processes they have in place.

On top of Tier certification, the Uptime Institute also offers an M&O stamp of approval to facilities with excellent management and operations. Two of our data centres, Orbit and Kapua, are among the best in the world for M&O and the only data centres in Australasia to hold this certification.

We wanted to give our customers the assurance that we are running the data centres to a global best practice standard and that we’re committed to maintaining those certifications.

So it’s not all in the Tier rating when selecting a data centre provider. When considering a facility, make sure to check which independent certifications the data centre provider holds and whether they have plans to maintain them. This is the best way to prove the provider is operating to best practice standards.

Tom Jacob is General Manager – Data Centres at Datacom. 

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