Uptime Institute says Datacom data centres are among world’s best

By Tom Jacob

N+1 1.8 mW Caterpillar generators

Over the past 12 months our improvement initiatives at our Orbit and Kapua data centres have focused on how we challenge ourselves to be better and give our customers confidence in the running, availability, security and sustainability requirements over the lifetime of our data centres.

This program has already seen us secure a certificate of compliance in support of customer PCI requirements, and complete a successful Risk and Control audit against International Standard on Assurance Engagements 3402 “Assurance Reports at a Service Organisation”.

We are delighted that the culmination of the 2014 program has been the Management and Operational Stamp of Approval by The Uptime Institute — the acknowledged world authority on mission critical infrastructure in data centres. The Uptime Institute (UTI) is an unbiased, third-party data centre research, education, and consulting organisation.

In July, two representatives from the Uptime Institute were in New Zealand for a week to rigorously assess the management and operations practices at the Orbit and Kapua data centres.

The achievements by both the Orbit and Kapua data centres were outstanding; rated by the Uptime Institute as being amongst the very best run data centres in the world. Orbit and Kapua are the first and only data centres in Australasia to have received these Stamps of Approval.

Kapua Exterior

The Kapua data centre achieved a score of 95.6/100. To put that score in context, the pass mark is 80/100 and the highest score ever awarded was 96/100. The average score is just 79.2 points – just over 50 percent of data centres pass the review the first time.

Methods of Procedure (MOPs), staff training, shift rotation methods, and our tablet-based approach for system checks were identified by the Uptime Institute as being especially excellent.

Orbit and Kapua – Tier 3+ Certified

Also completed during 2014 an independent TIA-942 audit summarised Kapua and Orbit as meeting Tier 4 standards for Mechanical and Telecommunications, and Tier 3+ standards for Architecture and Electrical.

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