How You Can Use Social Media to Make Quick Business Decisions

According to Datacom’s research, nearly half of conversations about your brand are likely to be taking place on your social media channels. Keeping track of these conversations is not just important for understanding what competitors are doing and customers are saying. It also allows you to see which of your services, programs or products are performing the best (or worst) so you can use this information to guide immediate (and future) business decisions.

All it takes is listening

The great thing about tracking mentions of your brand across a variety of online channels is that it can be done without engaging with your customers at all. Simply by listening, your organisation can pick up information that allows you to quickly react in a number of ways:

  • Plan for more online advertising or awareness campaigns or order more print advertising to boost visibility of a program or event
  • Disseminate more information about a service that your customers or constituents are confused about
  • Update your website with information to fill knowledge gaps
  • Order more inventory to meet greater demand or avoid or cancel ordering more if demand is too low
  • Prepare to allow for  additional resources to deal with a potential influx of questions, sign-ups or applications about a particular event or program
  • Schedule an additional event or resources for an event based on how widely it is being talked about online

Real-word examples of how to quickly leverage social media insight

Depending on the arrangement you have with your social media services provider, you can get regular updates each day or each week to keep you on the pulse of how your programs, services, products and events are being discussed online. Consider these examples:

  • One organisation ran a safety awareness campaign which included a free gift as part of the campaign, made available through an online registration link. Datacom monitored the online activity the week prior to, and the week following, the campaign. The registration link circulated before the campaign officially launched, which resulted in all the gifts being claimed. The organisation was able to find out quickly that all the gifts had been claimed through Datacom’s monitoring and were able to order another 5,000 to cater for the demand.
  • One theatre wanted to track mentions of a major production at its venue and that of a rival theatre. The rival theatre’s show was being talked about on social media much more. However, when it came to posts which talked about the production and the venue at the same time, the main theatre’s show and venue were actually mentioned much more together than the rival theatre’s show. The theatre could then decide how it wanted to tweak its advertising or online messaging to grow or maintain its share of the conversation.

Tracking your brand online can provide immediate ROI by giving you the agility to react to fluctuating demand and customer enquiries and concerns. To learn if your organisation could benefit from this type of insight, take a few minutes to fill out our social media survey and set up an appointment with Datacom to discuss your needs.

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