3 Things You Need for Better Application Management

Application packaging and deployment involve an array of cumbersome tasks such as gathering configuration requirements and categorising software — tasks that done incorrectly, delay time to deployment and cripple user productivity. With limited time and focus to give to this one area of your business, it’s easy to see how mistakes can happen. The path to easier and more successful application deployment and management is punctuated by three key characteristics: repeatability, quality assurance and more streamlined application approval. Working these traits into your application management approach can reduce your IT team’s headaches and get your users their applications faster.

1. Repeatability

Your organisation’s aim should be to use a set of standard processes for packaging everything from simple applications to complex ones. Application deployment requires installer packages. Sometimes they are deployed incorrectly to certain users or user groups. By leveraging a file format in a standard configuration that aligns with your application needs, you can deploy the file repeatedly the same way across the organisation to avoid faulty installations.

2. Quality assurance testing 

Of course, attempts at repeatability need to be tested. This can be done through quality assurance testing before the application is officially installed. Performing a test install and uninstall of each application adds a bit more time to the overall application deployment process but avoids having to troubleshoot after the fact when a user realises his or her software is not working correctly. And if it isn’t working correctly for one user, it may not work correctly for others, increasingly the amount of effort and time to correct the problem.

3. Quicker application approval

So your applications have now been configured in a standardised way and tested before deployment. But how can new employees or employees changing roles or departments get quick access to them? One of the other cogs in the wheel of enterprise application management is that software distribution and policy deployment become a long process that includes filing a help ticket with the service desk, getting the manager’s approval for access and locating, licensing and installing the application. This often results in the user waiting days or weeks for an app he or she needs.

The key to solving this issue involves some additional repeatability: creating set application approval workflows that can be triggered when a user requests access to an app, whether it’s on a personal or corporate device. These workflows can include mandatory and optional software deployment and policy delivery requests. The employee can select the app from a portal and then have a request sent straight to the manager to approve, cutting many steps in the usual approval process.

Your business can enact these changes to application management and deployment or have them planned and managed for you by a managed operating environment provider such as Datacom. To learn about your options, check out our RACE to Application Management and RACE to Self-Service offerings.

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