Introducing Datacom RACE to Managed Operating Environment

Downtime of business-critical apps. Time spent on trouble shooting. Security breaches of the endpoint.

These are just a sampling of the issues that can crop up when an overtasked IT team tries to manage your business’s operating environment. These challenges speak little to how hard your staff works or how much expertise they carry. With all the other duties IT has on its plate, in addition to striving to be a more strategic arm of the organisation, it’s almost impossible to effectively perform all the steps necessary to have a consistently high-performing operating environment. Think about it: there’s OS and software deployment, software patching, configuration and change management and compliance management. These tasks are cumbersome  and when done incorrectly, they can mean serious risk of downtime and data loss to your business.

That’s why Datacom has developed its RACE to MOE suite for managing your operating environment more effectively. RACE  Rapid Access to Core Enablers  to MOE  Managed Operating Environment  includes five distinct products that together form a powerful managed operating environment:

  1. RACE to Standard Operating Environment (SOE)
  2. RACE to Endpoint Management
  3. RACE to Self-Service
  4. RACE to Application Management
  5. RACE to Database

Designed for separate deployment, these managed operating environment components fit together to ensure compatibility and encourage a user-centric approach to managing your operating environment. The products are available through a range of options and management levels, including installing them on supplied hardware or your hardware, managing them yourself, having our team manage them or having them managed through the cloud. We invite you to get in touch to learn more about RACE to MOE and see how your business can optimise operating environment management to reduce risk and have a more efficient IT department.

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