Why You Need a Technology Advisor for Your Business

Enlisting the help of a technology advisor for your business can help you develop a strategy that aligns with organisational goals and poises you to drive performance and revenue. Often, this resource comes from outside the business  in fact, you might be better off if it does. Having a technology partner that views your business objectively will give you a holistic, unbiased picture of where and how technology can be improved to have the most impact. Here’s why you should consider a technology advisor for you organisation.

Many organisations spend too much on the wrong technology

Between 10 and 20 per cent of a typical organisation’s technology budget is used foolishly or wasted, according to PricewaterhouseCoopers (PWC). Often this is because organisations take a haphazard approach to deciding which technology to bring in, blindly jumping on the latest trend without fully considering if it makes sense for the business. A technology advisor will review your budget and business needs, developing a plan for how to achieve your goals with the right technology investments while balancing risks and compliance. In this way, each technology is carefully selected for a specific purpose and outcome in the business.

Technology often evolves too quickly for your IT organisation to keep up

Businesses today are savvier than ever when it comes to technology  to the point where they often bypass IT to try out cloud services and enterprise apps. But your business can’t possibly know every technology and tool at its disposal. A technology advisor carries a broad range of technology knowledge, including information on the latest trends and solutions that could optimise your business.

This resource can offer a different perspective regarding critical business decisions that involve technology and present options you didn’t even know were possible.

A third of organisations struggle with project deadlines

More research from PWC shows only 32 per cent of projects meet deadline, budget and scope. If this is the case within your organisation, you might benefit from a technology advisor’s project management services. These resources can apply their own proven delivery methodologies backed by industry-standard approaches to technology implementations. Through assessing stakeholder needs, performing a requirements analysis and instilling a governance and gate review process, technology advisors can ensure a project is organised and managed to success.

IT architecture is often forgotten

IT architecture is something many businesses don’t have time or expertise to do well internally. Having these disciplines, practices and structured processes at hand enables timely, business-focussed decision making. IT architecture is an important capability for all organisations, regardless of size or industry. A technology advisor can help ensure you are architecting solutions that are stable, secure and high-performing. This resource can assist with requirements gathering, systems selection and testing your architecture.

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