Future tech of the week – 20 Dec

By Siobhan Keogh

In our last blog of the year, we look at some of the newest and biggest tech from around the world.

We can now map the moons of Saturn

It doesn’t get much bigger than space. Scientists at NASA have used the organisation’s Cassini space rover to produce a detailed map of one of Saturn’s moons, Titan.

The moon looks very Earth-like because of its vast lakes, rivers and seas, according to the scientists, but the lakes are filled with hydrocarbons like methane and ethane which are liquid at Titan’s temperatures of -180 degrees Celsius.

iPad gets better for business?

Tech news website Tech Radar is reporting rumours that Apple may release business geared-version of its iPad tablet. It’s rumoured to be a 12.9-inch version of Apple’s 10-inch flagship device, due to launch in Autumn or Spring.

Tech Radar is confident it will run the unannounced iOS 8, which seems like a fairly safe bet – if the iPad ‘Pro’ even exists.

Inkjet printers can now print eye cells

British researchers have managed to print new eye cells using an inkjet printer, Forbes reports. The technology could potentially be used to treat optic nerve injuries and various eye diseases – however, for now it’s only working on rats.

The researchers, from the University of Cambridge, produced two surviving adult rat eye cells using a piezoelectric inkjet printer – that is, a printer with a piezoelectric sensor capable of measuring changes in pressure, force, acceleration or strain.

The scientists hope the technology could one day be used to produce artificial grafts that could cure blindness.

Epson shows off AR headset – but this one’s designed for work

Augmented reality headsets aren’t exactly commonplace, but they’re out there if you want a personal device for gaming or entertainment. Printer company Epson, however, has created an augmented reality headset with a difference.

The smart glasses, dubbed Moverio, have a number of functions for workers on the move. A map might display that guides an employee to an item on a shelf, or you might be able to move your head to find different information such as business hours or a product list.

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