Local vs Global, part 3: How ready is your business for the hyperscale cloud?

By Arthur Shih

We’ve discussed the key differentiators, and key benefits of local and hyperscale clouds, but let’s now take that final step to see how ready your business is to move to a hyperscale cloud.

Step 3: So how ready is your business for hyperscale clouds?

The answer to where to host your applications depends on the answer to a couple of key questions (choose A or B).

1. What does my application do?

a. Line of Business – my business uses it to generate income
b. Test/Development – does not directly generate income for the business

2. What happens to my business if the application is unavailable?

a. The business will not run
b. We can survive on manual processes for a little while

3. Where are my users located?

a. Primarily in New Zealand
b. Primarily Overseas

4. How does the application link in with my other systems?

a. Primarily via local network access
b. Primarily via APIs and Web Calls

5. What consistency does the performance of my application require?

a. Must have consistent performance at all times
b. Can accept variations in performance at certain times

6. Where does my business data have to reside?

a. Must be in New Zealand
b. Can be held anywhere

7. How important is knowing how much hosting the application will cost me each month?

a. Must know how much each of my applications will cost me each month
b. Can deal with variable costs each month

8. Does the licensing terms of my application allow me to host in hyperscale clouds?

a. My applications are only licensed to run on my own kit
b. Application licensing allows for hyperscale cloud hosting

9. How well does my application respond to latency?

a. Application latency is not an issue
b. Application latency is an issue

If you answered ‘a’ to the questions above, 4 or more times, then your application would be more suited to a local cloud deployment. If you answered ‘a’ only three or fewer times, then your application is possibly suitable for a public cloud deployment.

Arthur Shih is Datacom’s cloud solutions manager.

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