Welcome to vCloud Datacenter Services – SDDC promise delivered…

By Arthur Shih

With our original introduction of Datacom Cloud Service, we have been leading the Software Defined Datacenter movement in New Zealand for the past four years. The amount of conversations I have with customers about the scalability and flexibility of DCS, and how that has helped them transform their business, is both staggering and truly humbling.

Now we are happy to present the latest evolution of the software-defined datacentre in New Zealand with the announcement of our vCloud Datacenter service. Joining an exclusive global list of just nine other service providers (including AT&T, SingTel, Optus and others), Datacom’s vCloud Datacenter (DvCD) gives customers unparalleled security and flexibility in cloud services in New Zealand.

Using DvCD, customers are able to instantly connect their existing virtualisation platform into the cloud and enjoy unlimited scalability without the need to redevelop or configure their applications. With self-service control being made available from the networking layer through to the virtual machines, customers are able to configure true enterprise class environments with the speed and agility of cloud computing.

Being vCloud Datacenter certified means that the platform built is 100% VMware certified to a global platform and gives customers

  • 100% guaranteed outcomes – no tricky fine print suggesting you have to double up your services to achieve SLAs. You buy what you need and we will guarantee your service and uptimes.
  • Unlimited scalability in country – want the instant flexibility and scalability guaranteed by global cloud services, but want to keep all your data in-country? DvCD can scale as needed but stay local.
  • Instant hybrid capability – connect your current VMware environment to ours and instantly be able to move your workloads and services in and out of the cloud without any further thought.
  • Enterprise service – our service is backed and audited by VMware to ensure a globally consistent service with full auditability and security.

So feel free to call us for a trial of the services today, and see how DvCD can help you transform your business.

Arthur Shih is Datacom’s Cloud Solutions Manager.

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