3 Considerations for Getting the Benefits of WAN Optimisation

WAN optimisation focuses on making the enterprise wide area network faster so your workforce can better access applications and data. As it’s an often-used term, WAN optimisation might seem like a single, standard approach to improving network performance, but it’s designed and implemented differently by different network management providers. To fully capitalise on the benefits of WAN optimisation, consider these factors before you use your solution.

  1. Your mobile users

Once upon a time, you only had to worry about optimising performance for a network accessed by users onsite. The rise of enterprise mobility now necessitates WAN optimisation that considers mobile users. The challenge here is the less-than-desirable virtual private network connections used by mobile workers, such as DSL and wireless, which present issues around latency and lower bandwidth and might negate the benefits of WAN optimisation. The right network management provider should be able to source and implement a solution that works across mobile VPN clients and integrates into the operating system management environment to ensure compatibility and performance to truly tap into the benefits of WAN optimisation.

  1. Application performance monitoring

The benefits of WAN optimisation don’t negate the need to monitor your enterprise applications’ performance on the network. You still need to ensure your WAN optimisation solution integrates with the performance monitoring tools to give a more accurate picture of application response time. This integration will usually involve synching critical TCP/IP network information with application performance monitoring tools to show the end-to-end response times between clients and servers over an optimised link. The right network management provider will be able to configure this integration to give you additional benefits of WAN optimisation.

  1. Budget needs

Even with the improved speed and performance benefits of WAN optimisation, it can be quite expensive, pricing out at several thousands of dollars a month. However, a trusted network management provider can give options that don’t involve increasing pricey bandwidth. There are certain options that provide fixed monthly costs or reduce costs by decreasing the number of network links. A network management provider might offer optimised networks that it maintains and manages and allow customers to access them on a consumption basis. This shifts costs from capex to opex so you can get the benefits of WAN optimisation without breaking the budget.

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