3 Network Management Provider Essentials

Network management isn’t just a WAN optimisation or a one-off system configuration. A valuable network optimisation provider will truly manage your network, offering a range of additional solutions and services, budget-friendly options and best practice implementation and support.

  1. A valuable provider will handle more than just traditional network management

Not only should the provider offer WAN optimisation, load balancing, wireless configuration and desktop and router configuration, it should also offer the full gamut of network management services for other technology needs. Can the provider optimise the network environment for cloud, disaster recovery and unified communications? A network management provider that “does it all” means you can go to a single source for all your network management needs.

  1. The network management team knows how the network was designed

Many providers keep their network management design and implementation teams separate, which can cause a knowledge gap if a network issue arises. If the network management team doesn’t know how the switches, routers and other components were configured, it will have a harder time fixing the problem. Looking for a provider where the design and network management teams actually talk to each other — or, better yet, are one in the same — will save you trouble down the line, as you’ll have a cohesive approach to the development and support of your network setup. Only consider network management providers that use design best practices and adhere to industry standards.

  1. They have their own data centres

Network management providers that offer their own data centres can provide a range of different solutions through them, such as disaster recovery, in addition to benefits such as high-speed links between data centres and more secure optimisations. Data centre nodes allow the provider to offer active sites between which customers can load balance so that if one site goes down, it can leverage the other. A network management provider with their own data centres also means customers are fully protected by having all fibres that run in one direction on one side of the data centre to reduce risk if there is an incident or outage at one location. Network management providers with their own data centres can also offer lower-cost solutions, as they can lease and light their own fibre and create multi-plexes at each end to allocate as much bandwidth as is needed while keeping prices down.

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