3 Roles Best Suited for Enterprise Tablet Use

A recent survey by technology solutions provider CDW reports 84 per cent of employees who use tablets at work say those devices have made them better multi-taskers. These employees have gained, on average, an extra hour of productivity each day.

Yet one of the reasons industry experts believe mobile devices don’t necessarily foretell the end of the enterprise desktop is because using a tablet for work isn’t for everyone. There are certain job roles and functions more suited to enterprise tablet use than others. As you consider how many of each type of computing device to allow in your organisation, take a minute to consider who might truly benefit from using enterprise tablets.

1. On-site technicians: All the information a technician formerly needed to scrawl on a notepad can now be logged online via enterprise tablets. There is an endless array of abilities on-site technicians can leverage with a tablet, with three of the most useful including downloading and viewing service and technical documents, providing a way for customers to sign off on invoices and contracts and having centralised customer data through apps that integrate with your backend systems. On-site technicians can also use enterprise tablets to view the day’s itinerary and on-site visit locations, find the details for service calls and relay information to the central office.

2. Sales: Sales is always one of the first departments mentioned in relation to BYOD because BDMs are frequently on the go. But how exactly can Sales benefit from using enterprise tablets? A survey by ChangeWave research found that 45 per cent of enterprise tablet users use them for customer presentations. Using iPad and Android presentation apps such as cloud-based software SlideRocket, Sales can upload their presentations and run them on their enterprise tablet or in the cloud. Showcasing these slides on enterprise tablets removes the need to have a network internet connectionand provides a more portable way to present than taking along a bigger laptop with chargers and other wires. And with SalesForce automation and other CRM apps, your sales team can conveniently access real-time customer data at the client presentation or customer meeting.

3. Marketing: Mobile marketing professionals who frequent tradeshows and industry or customer events can use enterprise tablets to sell their organisation’s services in a more dynamic way. Just like the setup, display and innovation advantages enterprise tablets offer at business presentations, they are a natural fit for events Marketing often supports. Rather than handing out a glossy brochure that might wind up in the trash, marketing can present on the fly with enterprise tablets while standing and conversing with an individual or group. You could also display enterprise tablets using their flexible covers and play corporate videos or slides on loop. And if you have mobile-optimised marketing and sales collateral, you can showcase these items to potential customers on enterprise tablets as well, and use your CRM apps to conveniently capture prospect details on-the-spot.

Whilst these roles and departments might benefit from enterprise tablets more than others, other employees who come in frequent contact with these professionals can also get a productivity boost. Sales support roles, marketing communications teams and customer care centre workers can do their jobs better when the teams they support give quicker responses and can access information easier. Considered this way, enterprise tablets, when prioritised for the right business functions, can be a catalyst for wider organisational productivity and optimised business processes.

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