Queensland Theatre Company Improves Performances with IT Upgrade, Move to Cloud

Mix a creative spark and a natural disaster, and a plan to completely revamp a staid IT environment is born in Queensland.

Previously constrained in the adoption of new technology and suffering business ICT inflexibility, Queensland Theatre Company sought a new partner in mid-2012 to overhaul its IT environment and establish a more reliable hosted platform that would protect its data and systems from future natural disaster risks. After surveying responses from five IT providers, QTC chose Datacom for its complete, well-rounded solution offering, and local presence.

The solution

The infrastructure upgrade and cloud migration was completed in less than a month under the guidance of Datacom’s Managed and Professional Services teams. QTC had been keen to transition quickly to begin taking advantage of the scale and rapid provisioning available through the Datacom cloud. The new fully managed, hosted environment utilises Datacom’s local help desk and field support services for maintenance and monitoring. Datacom also upgraded and extended the network environment at QTC’s South Brisbane office to provide wireless services to end users.

The results

The business impact of Datacom’s overall IT solution has been felt in QTC’s newfound ability to operate under highly available, secure systems and ability to scale rapidly. QTC’s IT infrastructure is now better protected in an enterprise data centre, providing a resilient infrastructure platform that minimises business risk from potential natural disasters or outages.

The cloud platform has enhanced server availability during ticketing and continuity of systems during theatre performances. Instead of internal IT staff trying to support systems that might not fall under their areas of expertise, QTC now leverages Datacom help desk experts for end-user and server computing support, freeing onsite staff to shift to creative and strategic efforts. A productivity boost has also emerged from QTC’s new wireless environment, allowing staff to work from anywhere and no longer be desk-bound.

Financially, Datacom has provided an in-kind partnership that enables QTC to achieve critical ICT expenditure savings and transfer all remaining ICT capital expenditures into operational costs.

QTC was pleased to receive the total IT solution they sought to the scope, budget and timeframes they outlined, says QTC’s Finance & Operations Manager, Nicola White.

“The transition has, from our perspective, been quite seamless,” she says. “Datacom’s professionalism and pragmatism contributed to the successful outcome of this project.”

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