Is 2013 the Year Cloud Goes Mobile in Australia?

According to VMware’s Cloud Index for 2012, Australia remains the Asia-Pacific country with the top cloud computing adoption rates for the third year in a row. While the top two factors driving cloud computing adoption are pretty standard — optimise and simplify access to IT —, the third reason supports another trend technology experts think will fully crystallise in 2013: mobile solutions. Aussie organisations also want to adopt cloud services so they can support a mobile and flexible workforce. Here’s how the intersection of cloud services and mobile solutions could play out in 2013.

Mobile apps integration with cloud computing

Industry analysts have predicted that cloud computing and mobile solutions will separately be big technology trends in 2013. A marriage between mobile solutions and cloud services has been mentioned by industry leaders such as research firm Forrester, which believes 2013 will be the year mobile apps integrate with cloud services. The boost in adoption rates of both mobile solutions and cloud services are increasing the need for mobile application platforms, especially in countries like Australia, according to the IDC.

Enterprise app stores via cloud services

With nearly a third of employees claiming they use public cloud computing apps such as Dropbox at work, more and more organisations are establishing enterprise app stores of their own to thwart these unsecured, random downloads. Offering a range of selected business productivity apps through a private cloud computing database allows the IT department to better control what employees are downloading and using on either company-issued or personal devices. This move also enables enterprises to develop customised apps for the business or outsource the work to trusted app developers.

Cloud computing-based mobile solutions management

Not only do mobile apps themselves stand to be increasingly cloud computing-based — so do the tools used to monitor your mobile solutions. These solutions will enable IT staff to control deployments, security and applications being used across different devices and operating systems. They will also provide reporting capabilities that can add valuable business intelligence.

Do you think mobile solutions and cloud services will collide in 2013?

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