3 Business Benefits You Can Achieve Through Managed Services

Are you still tentative about dipping your toes into IT outsourcing? Perhaps you’ve yet to learn about the benefits you could start seeing today if you move to managed services for certain non-core IT functions. Here’s how and why managed services can have a positive effect on organisations large and small.

1. Lower, more predictable costs

There are several ways managed services allow organisations to better control costs. The most obvious cost efficiency is the potential for reduced overheads. No longer will you need to hire full-time staff for certain specialist IT skills or pay for training to skill up current employees. You’ll be able to leverage economies of scale, tapping into these skills on-demand via your managed services provider. Cost savings through managed services also come by way of a reduced need for repairs and maintenance. By having better upkeep on networks and servers, you reduce the chances of needing repairs.

Good managed services providers that offer flexible contracts and pay-as-you-go models with fixed monthly costs will also let businesses scale up and down when they need it. This kind of predictability lets organisations better control their budgets.

2. More streamlined IT  

The processes and automation that come from a managed services provider mean IT services can be supplied in a more organised way. The application of best-practice delivery models supplied by highly-skilled IT staff means there’s less a risk of a hodgepodge job being done across systems. The support of service-level-agreements also means you have a better guarantee of faster project delivery and higher performance. This equates to boosted efficiency, productivity and functionality for your business. In addition, consistent application updates, software patching and network monitoring mean you cut your risks of downtime.

3. Moving internal IT staff to more strategic pursuits

Nearly 80 per cent of IT resources go towards lights-on operations. With a full list of troubleshooting to-dos, it’s no wonder many IT departments still struggle to shift to strategic pursuits. Yet, these are the projects that can drive true innovation, which can lead to increased business value and, potentially, revenue. Bringing managed services into the loop can help fulfil the missing piece of your IT-business strategy. IT thus becomes less reactionary and more proactive, with the managed services provider supplying regular metrics and feedback that help guide business decisions.

Which of these three benefits — or others — are you hoping to achieve through managed services?

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