More than “Me Too!”: How Mobility Solutions Boost Productivity

In the race to match and beat competitors’ products, sometimes fairly essential features will be tabled in favour of the latest and greatest. And when those essentials are added, the marketers scratch the heads, figuring out how to promote these me-toos — these standard features the product should already have.

As some organisations see their competitors offer mobility solutions to their employees, or relax policy for BYOD, the me-too temptation creeps up. The question becomes this: When it comes to mobility solutions, should your organisation become a me-too? Questioning the groupthink of productivity and mobility solutions isn’t a bad reflex, but, in our experience, there’s a definite correlation between boosted worker productivity and widespread mobility solutions. And we’re not the only ones with those findings.

Giving the people what they want gives you more productive employees

You’ve probably heard many of your employees beg for mobility solutions to help them simplify their jobs. As it turns out, it’s not all out of envy. For organisations of all sizes, mobility solutions have reaped impressive ROI.

According to a recent Paychex infographic, 78 per cent of small business owners claim mobile apps are time-savers. They’ve also noticed that their mobility solutions have shaved more than five-and-a-half hours of their work week, and their employees have saved, on average, over 11 hours per week. And these mobility solutions results aren’t limited to the small business sector.

At a large technology company, employees given wireless tools increased their productivity by 100 hours a year — that’s two-and-a-half workweeks available for new projects. As many employees were given access to mobility solutions, they began automatically working in locations previously considered productivity-killers. They began filling small amounts of downtime with small tasks that normally sucked up their regular working hours.

The lesson is clear: When you give employees mobility solutions that can increase productivity, they take advantage of them.

Common tasks gone mobile

You may be thinking giving employees the ability to check email on mobile devices won’t do all that much to increase productivity. And you’re right. But with tailored mobility solutions, your employees can use mobile technology for tasks such as:

  • Field service operations: In many industries, field service technicians waste time filling out and checking paperwork such as invoices and calling the office for information they can’t obtain on their own. By providing business-specific information, apps that eliminate paperwork and an alert system that indicates the next appointment or shares important data, technicians can focus on the task at hand.
  • CRM on the go: When sales reps can access and update customer and prospect information from their mobile devices, you’re not just providing them the tools to keep customers happy; you’re drastically reducing the chance for missed or incorrectly entered information at a later date.
  • Mobile video conferencing: With video capabilities on so many mobility solutions, “Just calling in” doesn’t need to be an option for remote employees. Plus, the ability to give face time to clients from anywhere provides a tremendous competitive advantage.

Finding where mobility solutions can best help your organisation will necessitate an audit of employee processes and current technology. But even giving them a few tools now can definitely make for a more productive workforce.

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