How to Use Mobile Solutions to Be More Strategic

Mobility isn’t just about fulfilling the need for instant BYOD gratification amongst your employees.

If done right, mobile solutions can further strategic endeavours that improve business processes and value. Application management, a team approach and hardware planning are ways mobile solutions can help inform the greater business-IT strategy.

Mobile solutions meet application management

Even if you develop and host enterprise applications through an outside provider, the IT team can use them as a chance to drive more business value. Staying on top of application management and development can help the CIO and IT managers become more innovative, as they will have the first say in configuring additional features or back-end integration. Capabilities around mobile apps and cloud can further help the IT application management team tap into unmet needs and opportunities for innovation.

Getting others involved in mobile solutions

The implementation of mobile solutions in organisations often stalls because too many aspects of the project fall on the shoulders of the CIO and his or her team. Governance of a mobile solutions project should extend to other departments such as legal, human resources and security teams so you can address issues of compliance and reimbursement for mobile device expenses. Other business units should also be involved in your mobile solutions roadmap, as each one will likely have different aims and business processes it is looking to improve. Not only will this free up the CIO for other tasks, but it will ensure that the strategic needs of the different parts of the business are being considered as mobile solutions are implemented.

Using mobile solutions to guide hardware decisions

If you listen to some advocates, mobility is going to swiftly expunge the traditional desktop from the enterprise landscape. Do you believe this at your organisation, or would you rather PCs and iPads co-exist? These questions are important to ask, because introducing mobile solutions into the enterprise will have an impact on hardware purchasing and volume licensing decisions a few years down the pike. For instance, you can start plotting a road map for when you will stop purchasing traditional hardware and letting employees work solely from their own PCs. As a full-scale IT provider in everything from volume licensing and mobile application management to hardware procurement, Datacom can help you take these areas into consideration as you plan your mobility strategy.

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