3 Reasons Small and Medium Enterprises Should Consider Moving to Cloud

Small and medium enterprises often get the short shrift when it comes to cloud computing, with the glory going to the larger enterprises and government agencies that decide to adopt cloud on a bigger scale. Cloud adoption amongst these larger entities might make for better news stories, but without a successful SME example to follow, smaller enterprises remain skittish of moving to cloud. In fact, a national study by business management solutions provider MYOB shows 79 per cent of SMEs don’t use the cloud.

But just because the media isn’t awash with success stories of SMEs moving to cloud doesn’t mean these organisations should ignore the potential benefits of cloud. Here are a handful of ways — by no means the only ones — SMEs can benefit from moving to cloud.

1. Access to big-business services on a small business budget

In the case of Infrastructure-as-a-Service cloud, most of the upfront capital outlay is extinguished. SMEs don’t have to worry about acquiring servers and other hardware and funding IT staff to maintain them – nor will they have to upgrade every few years. In moving to cloud, SMEs can leverage computer processing power beyond their wildest dreams, consume resources only when needed and scale up and down. Provisioning and time to market will both increase from these benefits, allowing SMEs to compete with larger enterprises.

2. More time to run your business

It goes without saying that smaller enterprises have less time to waste and fewer resources to leverage than larger enterprises. Moving to cloud can instantly boost efficiency and flexibility in a number of ways. IT can quickly deploy applications and provision virtual machines. The small IT departments at SMEs can then shift their focus away from maintaining technology and infrastructure and towards efforts that can drive competitive advantage and business value.

3. A managed service

When moving to cloud in a managed, private, IaaS setting, SMEs get end-to-end management of their infrastructure, including security. Moving to cloud as a managed service for IaaS means capacity and power are managed by the provider, with automatic escalation to the service delivery manager or incident manager should an issue arise. The managed services team for Datacom’s IaaS cloud has security certifications and clearance that match industry standards. SMEs moving to the Datacom cloud can also gain access to other managed services such as volume licensing.

Are you an SME considering moving to cloud in a private IaaS model? Review our cloud readiness checklist and take the next step.

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