Datacom Delivers Secure App Container Approach to Protect Data for Government

Depending on an organisation’s data and app security needs, there are a few mobile application management approaches that let the IT department lock down corporate or government data. One option formore secure mobility that a government client of Datacom’s recently pursued to introduce BYOD into their department is the application container.

This software protects corporate or government data in an application container on a mobile device so it remains separate from the user’s personal data. Corporate or government data is segmented and only made available through authentication and enterprise-grade encryption. Users can’t move corporate or government data from the application container into the “personal” parts of their phones, and if IT wants to do a corporate or government data wipe, they can leave the user’s own data untouched.

Now, we’re not recommending having no security on the endpoint, especially if you are a government department. That’s the first line of defence if a device gets lost or stolen. By additionally securing the corporate or government data on the device, you can protect the information in the event an outside individual is able to crack into your employee’s phone.

Enabling secure mobility for government data at SEWPaC

The application container approach to protecting government data helped the Department of Sustainability, Environment, Water, Population and Communities (SEWPaC) meet the growing user demand for Apple IOS and Android devices whilst maintaining the level of security required by a government department.

Datacom ACT, which has had an ongoing IT services engagement with SEWPaC for several years, evaluated various technology solutions before selecting the Good for Enterprise software solution. Datacom integrated the container solution into the department’s ICT architecture, first conducting a pilot to ‘prove’ the capability followed by a rapid production rollout. This software allows departmental staff to securely send and receive email on both Android and Apple IOS based phones and tablets, as well as access and modify documents in a secure container.

Using NOC-based architecture to secure the government network, the container solution does not enable data sharing with any non-secure apps. It also offers IT staff the ability to maintain the same security policies regardless of the mobile platform that’s being used. IT staff use a web platform to manage BYOD deployments, including user policy, passwords and both corporate and third-party apps. The solution has helped take SEWPaC into the world of BYOD without having to worry about data loss at every turn.

“The secure separation between personal and organisational data is critical to allowing the department to access the benefits associated with BYOD without compromising our obligations to properly manage government information,” says Al Blake, Chief Information Officer for SEWPaC. “This aligns with our strategy of moving away from ‘hardware management’ to concentrating on what’s important — protecting information.”

Datacom is a sponsor of the inaugural Telework Week this week in Australia and New Zealand to highlight the increased productivity and cost savings that can be gained when employees work away from the office.

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