How Technology Has Changed Betting

It’s much more likely that this Melbourne Cup, you’ll be placing your bets online or through a mobile app instead of through TAB betting and in-person bookies. However, gaming machine technology has also advanced if you still like to play in person.

More than 30 per cent of betting in Australia now happens online, whether it’s Melbourne Cup race wagering or gaming, a jump from 10 per cent almost a decade ago, according to a report by the Productivity Commission. It was estimated that in Australia, online gaming spending was somewhere near $800 million in 2010. To stay on top of the competition, especially during peak events like Melbourne Cup, betting and gaming sites have also had to evolve their technology. As Michael Sullivan, owner of Sportingbet, said in a November 2010 article in The Australian, consumers want a fast, seamless user experience that demands a robust and reliable web site.

Gaming machines have also evolved, with richer features, graphics and networked games in addition to more advanced information technologies and online capabilities, according to a June 2010 report by the Privacy Commission. Gaming systems manufacturers and providers such as IGT committed to releasing new games and playing styles each quarter of 2012, proving another prediction in the Commission’s report that more gaming companies would invest in research and development to stay innovative.

Betting this Melbourne Cup? There’s an app for that

Also on the rise are mobile betting apps, whose value Juniper Research predicts will reach $100 billion in five years. Given Australia’s high smartphone penetration – 52 per cent, according to Google, an increase of 15 per cent from a year ago –, it makes sense these apps have become an attractive way for Australians to bet. Many of the major online betting sites in Australia now have their own mobile app, which will let more and more Melbourne Cup punters wager from home, work or the road.

Also savvier are illegal gaming sites and cyber threats related to them. The Australian Government’s Department of Broadband, Communications and the Digital Economy estimates there are more than 2,000 illegal gaming sites and reports Australians lose about $1 billion a year due to these entities. Malware, phishing and clickjacking scams have also increased, especially during events such as Melbourne Cup. It’s recommended Australians use gaming or wagering sites and apps from providers registered with state government bodies this Melbourne Cup. And don’t forget, you can you usedevice management to make sure your employees aren’t betting on company time through mobile gaming apps on their personal devices.

How will you make your wager this Melbourne Cup?

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