Protecting Your Workforce from Social Media Threats Part II: Applying Technology Solutions

In Part 1, we discussed how setting a policy for social media users at your organisation is the cornerstone of ensuring security and compliance. Now we’ll get into the technical security measures you can leverage to guard social media users against cyber threats, whether they are accessing the sites from a computer, a corporate mobile device or a personal device.

Industry recommendations for social media users

The Information Systems Audit and Control Association (ISACA) recommends regularly security patching, content filtering and limiting network throughput to protect social media users from cyber threats. And while anti-virus alone won’t do the job of protecting social media users against cyber threats, organisations should have it in place on all systems and update it regularly. The same goes for your anti-malware protection to guard against cyber threats. If you know employees will access social media sites in a public place through Wi-Fi, consider requiring them to log in through a virtual private network (VPN) to avoid cyber threats. That way, data stays encrypted and no one but your employees will be able to access it. Through its network infrastructure solutions, Datacom can assist organisations in configuring a VPN and other secure mobility solutions to guard social media users from cyber threats on a mobile device or desktop.

Mobile device management to arm against cyber threats

A must for organisations with social media users is mobile device management software, which will let the IT department control, track and secure mobile devices, whether they are company- or personally-owned, in one network. Datacom recommends mobile device management solutions that can not only manage and secure the device, but also oversee the applications and data on it. A solid mobile device management solution will also let the IT department distribute applications and data and employ application white-listing so only approved social media apps are allowed. Through mobile device management, organisations can institute password protection, a data wiping procedure for compromised devices and quickly decommission devices from the system. If you need help formulating a policy to handle application use in a Bring Your Own Device scenario, look over our BYOD checklist.

Remember, you can let your employees become social media users in a secure, controlled way if you put the right usage policies in place and have the right technology solutions to guard against cyber threats.

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