Unified Communications in the Cloud – Your Key to Interconnected Mobility?

With all the potentially disparate technologies unified communications and collaboration involve, pinpointing what you should look for in your UCC solution is no easy task. Add in a Bring Your Own Device scenario, and there’s certainly something for everyone – and more for your overtasked IT department to manage. If you listen to all the voices, you’ll likely wind up with a jumble of technologies that don’t work together or across devices, which defeats the very aim of your foray into UCC.

One solution to achieving interconnectedness and mobility in unified communications is by using the cloud. Cloud lends an easier approach to implementing and integrating various UCC technologies and making them available to users both on and offsite using corporate or personal devices.

Mobility is driving unified communications adoption

The increasing presence of the mobile device in the workplace is the biggest impetus to implement unified communications and collaboration solutions, according to a survey by IDGE Enterprise. Stretching everything an employee can do at his or her desk to a mobile device is a goal for 67 per cent of those IT leaders who responded to the survey. Smartphone and mobile desktop access is already involved in 80 per cent of unified communications deployments, according to a separate poll by CDW.

At the same time, internal IT departments don’t always have the skills or knowledge to support unified communications technologies across devices. A survey by Siemens shows IT departments have problems implementing and managing new unified communications and collaboration tools in 78 per cent of organisations.

How cloud helps

Cloud brings together different unified communications technologies and components and delivers them to these different device types, with little need for extra infrastructure or physical deployments. With this approach, organisations can transform their dearth of disparate devices into a connected employee network. There’s a benefit to remote or mobile employees as well. By deploying unified communications through the cloud, these workers can get communications while they’re off the company network.

As for the management aspect, UCC delivered through a cloud provider could give organisations a window into security and access controls for different mobile devices. As new technologies get added, the organisation doesn’t need to worry about migrations or replacing old systems because cloud allows different technologies to coexist.

What are the goals you’re hoping to achieve with your UCC solution?

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