Datacom WA Builds Robust, Seamless DR for Brookfield Rail

Here’s a frightening statistic: roughly 40 per cent of companies that experience a major disaster will go out of business if they can’t gain access to their data within 24 hours, according to Gartner. Organisations without a proper disaster recovery solution in place run the risk of becoming part of that 40 per cent.

While disaster recovery is important for businesses regardless of industry, it’s imperative for certain organisations, such as health care facilities, government bodies and transportation operators. This fact was not lost on Brookfield Rail, which controls 5,100 kilometres of rail infrastructure in Western Australia, including access management and communication systems. Their current disaster recovery setup was a virtualised single-site environment that didn’t quite ensure the ability to return to efficient operation without major data loss at Brookfield’s production site. The organisation called upon Datacom to deliver an automatic solution that could be integrated with their production site to allow a full or partial failover from one site to another.

Working on the railroad

Datacom had a quick answer to Brookfield’s call: a VMware DR environment.

Before they laid the groundwork, Datacom’s Professional Services team sunk its teeth into Brookfield’s IT environment and strategic goals. Joining forces with VMware, the Datacom team refined all the possible solutions until they had a customised DR offering for Brookfield to sign off on.

Using VMware SRM Site Replication Manager (SRM) and Synchronous SAN Replication, Datacom provided protection and replication of production systems, allowing automated virtual infrastructure failover and reconfiguration of systems. The solution was integrated into the existing production environment. Datacom implemented the solution in just three weeks, which included configuration and testing, using the PRINCE2-based Datacom Delivery Methodology.

A runaway success

The DR solution was a true collaboration between Brookfield, Datacom and VMware. Brookfield was clear about its needs and Datacom and VMware were able to provide a highly manageable DR solution that allows automated system recovery. Even though coming up with the DR strategy was serious business, the team approach helped make it seamless, says David, Senior Server Analyst, Brookfield Rail.

“Datacom’s professional, structured approach to project design and implementation meant that our staff were involved at every stage,” he says. “Everything was very well-documented, yet flexible enough to accommodate unknowns that appeared during implementation.”

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