Why Cloud Matters Now More Than Ever

Australia is one of the slowest adopters of cloud despite being incredibly prepared for it.

The Business Software Alliance ranked Australia as No. 2 out of 24 countries in terms of preparedness for cloud technologies. But enterprise adoption has stopped short, a sentiment echoed byresearch firm Longhaus earlier this year. Whether it’s because some organisations are satisfied with stopping at in-house virtualisation or because data privacy concerns can’t be kept at bay, there’s no better time than now for enterprises to ascend into the cloud. Here’s why.

Applications are getting more complicated

Applications have grown more complex, more numerous and more cumbersome to deliver and manage in some situations. Cloud strips a lot of the constraints of application configuration by allowing for more self-service and better load balancing. More than half of the executives polled in a London School of Economics and Political Science survey said cloud reduces the cost and time to configure apps.

Data is getting bigger

The amount of storage needed for digital content globally is expected to soar from 320 exabytes to 4.1 zettabytes by 2016, according to Gartner. What is this content? Every minute, there are 1,500 blog posts created, 98,000 tweets made and 168 million emails sent, according to a Forbes article. Using cloud to manage, analyse, store and prepare this data can help take the burden off internal IT.

Users are getting smarter

End users are more clued in to technology than ever. They know what technologies like cloud offer – flexibility, speed, an on-demand nature – and they want to take advantage of them. Employees want to be more innovative, more in control of their work processes – and cloud can allow both. Studies have shown that cloud, especially when incorporated as a managed service, boosts innovation by offering on-demand, scalable resources.

Be sure to read Datacom Director and cloud expert Mark McWilliams’ article on Australia’s lagging cloud adoption – and the emerging factors that could spur greater adoption – on ABC Technology.

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