Collaborating Better with Unified Communications

Who doesn’t want a simpler, faster way of getting the answers they need to get their jobs done? Leveraging the collaboration abilities available through unified communications ticks two boxes forbusiness impact: better response time and access to resources wherever they are.

Better decision-making

unified communication platform allows business units, project teams and other staff access to more resources and information in a click-to-communicate manner. Document-sharing tools and web and video let employees work as if they are in the same physical cubicle even if they are hundreds of kilometres apart. With the ability to get answers or approvals for projects faster, a more consistent flow of real-time data opens up, allowing more effective decision-making and problem-solving. Employees who can’t react in real-time have the benefit of accessing archived communications to arm themselves with the answers they need to move forward.

Improved innovation

Nearly 86 per cent of organisations with a unified communications and collaboration programme report an improvement in innovation in their workforce, according to Frost & Sullivan research. As employees complete projects at a quicker clip, new products can be developed with fewer resources and costs and go to market faster. These benefits aren’t just for employees — they can extend to how your organisation collaborates with partner vendors and customers, which, in turn, can boost sales and revenue.

Reduced meeting costs and challenges

Video collaboration tools can shave 10-per cent off travel costs and 50-per cent off meeting time, according to a Cisco study. The reduced travel price tag extends beyond costs for flights, lodging and meals. How many of your colleagues arrive at a meeting fresh-faced and ready to offer great insights and information after a six-hour flight? The ability to rock up to a video meeting five minutes before it starts means employees can put those six hours to better use.

What collaboration benefits are you looking to realise through unified communications?

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