Choosing a Trustworthy Cloud Provider

By Lauren Fritsky

Does it seem like everyone is offering a cloud service or product these days? Companies are certainly branching out to keep up with the evolving cloud market; Longhaus noted in its 2012 Cloud Pulse Report that providers seem to be rushing to market to deliver cloud services.

There could be trouble, however, with choosing a newbie cloud service provider or technology vendor that has recently decided to dabble in cloud on the side. To ensure you will get the right security, service and value for your money, consider choosing atrusted provider offering cloud as one of its core services.

First and foremost, you should choose a cloud provider with experience providing cloud services. There are plenty of new kids on the block offering cheap, quick cloud implementations, but the lack of cloud history should raise an eyebrow. Recent media reports have warned organisations to avoid electing the lowest-cost cloud option and to instead better scrutinise service-level agreements and security capabilities. As a supplier of cloud services in Australia since 2005, Datacom has been recognised by Longhaus as a top trusted provider of cloud. We also recently won a number of partner of the year awards from several technology vendors for our work in the cloud space.   

To feel like you can truly trust your cloud provider, you should choose one that is accessible. Many organisations equate cloud with risk, and a way to mitigate this fear is through being able to contact your provider locally. If there is a service disruption or technical issue, it helps to be able to reach someone at a local office. It’s all the better if the provider has its own in-house security team that can be there on the spot.

Lastly, it helps to choose a provider that prides itself on having an open, transparent partnership with its customers. Flexible agreements and pricing models allow you to maintain agility and competitive advantage with your cloud service so you can make the best decisions for your organisation next week and next year. To go a step further, a provider offering additional managed IT services for your organisation can give you more value and convenience. Knowing your provider wants to help you forge your long-term IT strategy, not just get you to buy a service, can help you feel more confident about your cloud decision.

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