3 Reasons You Should Give Away Your IT Help Desk

By Lauren Fritsky

Is your IT staff constantly on the phone manning the help desk instead of designing technology-enabled solutions that will improve your business and add competitive advantage? Ask your IT staff what they’d rather be doing: chances are it’s the latter.

If you want to make better use of your IT department’s time, consider outsourcing the IT help desk. Taking this non-core competency off your IT staff’s plate can bring immediate benefits in the form of reduced staff overhead, more time and resources devoted to other projects and improved customer service.

1. More strategic IT

Instead of fielding customer support calls for which they might not be properly trained, your IT department can spend its time developing and implementing new customer-facing technology solutions and furthering the overall business-IT strategy.

In choosing Datacom to outsource its service desk, one 1,100-seat organisation was able to focus the IT team on developing its core infrastructure to build a solid platform for the company’s growth over the next three years. Outsourcing this part of the business allowed the organisation to focus on its rebranding goal of becoming more agile whilst continuing to meet changing business demands. Through outsourcing the service desk and other components of IT management, onsite IT at the organisation was able to start building and managing innovative, new technologies such as implementing an updated communications system to enable better communication and collaboration among onsite, remote and mobile employees.

2. Improved customer experience

By outsourcing your help desk to the right IT services provider, your customers will have access to 24x7x365 support from analysts who have been carefully trained in both the technical and customer service aspects of the position. The service desk can offer a single point of contact for all questions and issues in addition to a multi-channel structure through which customers can make contact via phone, online or email. This setup can help reduce end-user downtime by resolving as many calls as possible on first contact; those that require second-level intervention can be logged and tracked in a service management tool.

At Datacom, we adhere to ITIL® standards and are ISO 9001-certified, which means we have ingrained quality assurance processes to ensure the highest standards are maintained at the help desk. We also have a shift-left mentality when it comes to troubleshooting IT and technical issues where we enable customers to save money and solve their own problems using less expensive resources.

3. Added scalability

If some weeks or months are particularly busy or slow, outsourcing gives you the ability to scale your support needs by implementing shortened or extended hours. This way, you’re not funding the salary of an internal agent who doesn’t have anything to do half the time. Plus you don’t have to worry about help desk support staff calling in sick and leaving you in a bind. In addition to lowering support overheads, you could benefit from a more flexible arrangement allowing you to take a hybrid approach to IT help desk support that includes dedicated, onsite and shared support solutions.

Datacom offers flexible, pay-as-you-use managed help desk support services. Learn more about our offerings here.

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