The Importance of Social Media Monitoring for Your Brand

By Andrew Peel

Australia is the biggest user of social media in the entire world, according to market research firm Nielsen. We spend more than seven hours a month on social media, and our activity is not just about stalking Facebook photos or following Justin Bieber on Twitter. Increasing numbers of customers are going online to research and review companies: more than 65 per cent of B2B businesses have received business through Facebook and more than 40 per cent interact with companies through social networking sites.

As the life blood of any business is its customers, their satisfaction levels have direct correlation with your brand, market share and profitability. It is, therefore, imperative for organisations to understand what subjects are trending in the social media space about their brand and then take proactive steps to address emerging issues. The way to do this is by enlisting the help of the right social media monitoring technology and analytics team.

There are a plethora of tools out there to track company sentiment and mentions, but some perform better than others. The right technology can provide deep insight into your customers, evangelists, employees, media and influential people in your industry. These tools track and nurture brand loyalty, further brand reach and respond to online discussions, comments or complaints related to your organisation. The best technology ensures no mention of your brand is missed online so timely responses can be delivered.

Radian6 has proven to be a high-performing social media monitoring tool for its scraping and filtering capabilities and the algorithms it uses to produce meaningful social media monitoring results. The software is programmed to search social media sites and forums using key words tailored to the individual programme or organisation. It then reports on those sites or forums which hold the key words. This is set up to report on activity over a period of time, usually a month, which then produces a data set and a set of reports. From here, the analytics team springs into action and takes the data through several stages of filtering and sampling to produce a meaningful and accurate set of results. We can also respond to customers or prospective customers on social media channels and integrate our social media solutions with contact centreservices and sales and tech support.

Any social media monitoring solution requires skilled staff to perform data analytics, to look at the data trends and make observations and recommendations. That’s why Datacom employs a highly experienced social analytics team in addition to Radian6 to gather deep insight into the customer base psyche and advocacy. The result of combining the right technology and right people is a social media solution that offers specialisation and scale. Clients get access to information about their customers that would have otherwise been out of reach. Using this data, the social analytics team then presents clients with a solution that flexes and retracts with their changing business needs.

This approach effectively enables an organisation to engage with its current and potential customers around the clock. Clients are able to be present and participate when and where it counts, no matter if a customer is chatting about you online at 3 p.m. or 3 a.m. It’s like growing and protecting your brand while you sleep – a must in this increasingly 24/7 online world.

Andrew Peel is General Manager of Datacom’s Business Solutions and Partnerships. He has over 15 years of global BPO and ITO experience, which has seen him manage operations across the Asia Pacific region and Europe.

During this time, Andrew has assisted a large and diverse set of clients in the design and implementation of their customer support, retention and acquisition strategies in both the public and commercial sectors. Andrew also serves as a board member of the Australian BPO Association.

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