3 Ways Windows 8 Can Help Australian Enterprises

By Lauren Fritsky

Windows 8 is expected to be at our Australian doorstep in just five months. While the consumer preview and media analyses have produced varied responses regarding the look and feel of the new cross-platform operating system, there are several important benefits Windows 8 could bring to Australian enterprises and IT management in particular.

1. Applications look the same and are deployed faster

Enterprises using Windows 8 can get line-of-business applications faster and via the method they choose, such as locally on a desktop or through virtualisation or streaming technologies. And regardless of deployment method or the device being used, these apps will look and operate the same way. The ability to have applications run on both the desktop and mobile devices means enterprises can cut costs, as they will no longer need to buy different types of software for different computing environments. If you have questions about how these changes could affect your software licensing, contact Datacom’s team of licensing experts, who have deep knowledge of different Microsoft volume licensing agreements.

2. More productive employees, more streamlined collaboration

Because applications will now look the same across devices with Windows 8, employees will no longer need training or a period of time to get used to new software versions on different platforms. Staff should be able to perform tasks and access documents and projects in a seamless manner whether they are on a laptop or a tablet. Users can have the experience they want on the device they want, which stands to boost productivity, even when working at home or after work hours, and encourage collaboration between mobile employees regardless of location.

3. Better app management

IT management will be able to better control which employees can access which applications. This is a crucial ability to prevent employees from haphazardly downloading random applications from the new Windows 8 app store. IT management can restrict ability to download applications and also better customise desktops by deploying apps, including line-of-business apps, directly to PCs without having to use the app store. For those using Windows on ARM, Microsoft is offering a new management client that works with a cloud-based infrastructure so IT management can deliver line-of-business apps to mobile employees on their respective devices.

Read Datacom Investments Director Mark McWilliams’ article on Windows 8, NBN and the Australian enterprise on ABC Technology.

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