Get the Star Treatment with a Volume License Enterprise Agreement

By Lauren Fritsky

Does your organisation have more than 250 computing devices, whether they are traditional desktop computers, thin clients or mobile devices? Are you considering transitioning to cloud in the near future? Do you need help managing other aspects of your IT environment?

If you answered “yes” to all these questions, the Microsoft volume licensing Enterprise Agreement might provide the most beneficialvolume license to your enterprise.

Organisations that choose an Enterprise Agreement for their software licensing get purchasing discounts in addition to star treatment in the form of immediate software upgrades when new versions, such as Windows 8, are released, 24-hour technical support and access to other services such as desktop support that could benefit their overall IT strategy.

Obtaining a volume license through a Microsoft volume licensing Enterprise Agreement can solve the problem of having individual desktops with different software licensing, which could lead to compliance issues. The Enterprise Agreement streamlines and simplifies IT management by offering a single company-wide agreement. Your organisation might have 300 PCs, but this volume license allows you to manage them as one.

Datacom has also found in its experience that certain organisations can save up to 40 per cent compared to other licensing arrangements through an Enterprise Agreement. Plus, these enterprises gain access to a full range of Software Assurance benefits, which include immediate software upgrades and releases, user training and technical support. If you obtain your agreement through Datacom, you can also potentially gain access to our desktop deploymentdesktop support and software asset management services. Additionally, you can transition to cloud and shift employees between onsite software and cloud under your Enterprise Agreement.

If your organisation started out with an Open Value agreement and is ready to grow past 250 desktops, Datacom’s licensing experts can help you make the transition to an Enterprise Agreement.

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