News Roundup: The Latest in Australia Enterprise IT, Virtualisation and Technology

By Lauren Fritsky

We’re catching up on the latest technology and IT news — some of it serious, some of it a bit silly. What stories grabbed your attention this week?

IT Priorities: are security folk paranoid?

The ZDNet 2011 IT Priorities survey finds there’s more than just security on the minds of Australia enterprise IT leaders.

April Fools! Best online tech gags of 2012

A roundup of great tech gags for the prankster in all of us.

New Microsoft tool maintains Windows user settings in virtual environments

Windows users no longer have to manually configure settings when they log in from different machines thanks to a new product called User Experience Virtualisation, which keeps user settings on record.

Gadget planning for a long weekend road trip

It’s no longer about what books you need for the long drive – it’s which tablets and phones. Here’s how to plan your tech strategy, just in time for the Easter long weekend.

A “good enough” IT solution

Ovum’s Joe Dignan discusses how more educated CIOs are moving toward a trend of ‘all you can eat’ enterprise licensing models.

Big data has big possibilities: Microsoft

Big data will be a major game changer for businesses, says the company. What do you think?

What if Facebook were around in the ’90s?

No bells or whistles on this 1990s version of the social networking site. Reminisce with us.

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