The Big Technology Trends That Could Change Your IT Management

By Lauren Fritsky

This year has been touted as a game changer for technology in Australia. A few of these trends could influence your IT management decisions in the months to come.

Younger and older workers driving new technology

It’s no surprise Gen Y is spurring the need for IT advances at many businesses, as reported in a recent Computerworld story. The real news lies in the fact that adults aged 55 to 64 are the fastest-growing users of technology in Australia, according to theAustralian Bureau of Statistics. Get ready to see this population knocking on your office door requesting a Bring Your Own Device policy so they can answer emails from their smartphones.

Greener offices and data centres

Australian businesses will spend about US$3.1 billion on energy-saving projects by 2014, according to the Verdantix Critical Moments® report. Factors like the government’s new carbon tax scheme and electricity costs are driving some of these efforts, leading to shifts toward paperless offices and more energy-efficient lighting.

Technologies like IT virtualisation and cloud services are also considered potential office energy-savers, as they consolidate resources and require less equipment. Pike Research predicts that by 2020, data centres will reduce terawatt hours by 31 per cent and cut GHG emissions by 28 per cent. As a trusted and award-winning cloud services provider, Datacom can discuss how your business can take advantage of cloud solutions to cut energy costs.

Mobile adoption

Enterprise adoption of mobile devices has soared, with 71 per cent of businesses planning to deploy custom mobile applications, says a recent Symantec survey. It’s a smart move, as Gartner predicts nearly half of enterprise email users will shun desktops in favour of Bring Your Own Device, such as a mobile or tablet, by 2016. Datacom expects to see this rapid embrace of mobile require businesses to revisit volume license agreements to ensure all devices remain compliant.

What are the technology trends affecting your business?

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