Software Deployment Best Practices

By Tracy Toth

Enterprise-wide software deployments are important milestones in the life of growing organisations. Whether the company is facing the deployment of a Microsoft volume licensed solution or the enterprise-wide implementation of another software solution, it’s imperative that the deployment occur on time, on budget and in a manner that optimises the return to the organisation.

In enterprise organisations, successful software deployments are typically grounded in a handful of best practices:

  • Strategy Development. Effective software deployments hinge on sound strategy, including the development of a robust Software Asset Management (SAM) plan. If it’s done right, SAM has the ability to optimise the organisation’s software investments and create a solid foundation for a more intentional deployment process.
  • Process Clarity. Many organisations prioritise the development of a deployment strategy, but then fail to communicate the details of the process to stakeholders across the enterprise. The best enterprise deployments priority organisational clarity in the roles, responsibilities, procedures and intended outcomes associated with the deployment.
  • User Engagement. The ultimate gauge of success for any software deployment is its value to end-users. Consequently, effective deployment processes look beyond the mechanical aspects of the deployments and target user engagement through end-user training, help desk support and other features.
  • Asset Retirement Planning. First-rate software deployments address the full lifecycle of software assets, including software retirement planning. Organisations that don’t pay sufficient attention to the redeployment, transfer or disposal of deployed solutions eventually suffer from cost inefficiencies and other endgame snafus.

Finally, collaboration with a qualified software deployment consultant can also be an essential best practice in enterprise organisations. Datacom consultants are available to help your organisation master the deployment of Microsoft volume licensed solutions and other software assets that are integral to your enterprise.

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