Trends in Cloud Services and the Need for a Local Approach

By Tracy Toth

Enterprise businesses are interested in the cloud, but are hedging their bets when it comes to actually adopting it.

This was one of the key takeaways from an event announcing the Cloud Pulse® report issued by research firm Longhaus in Sydney March 1.

“Enterprise adoption of cloud is slowing,” said Longhaus research director Scott Stewart. “CIOs don’t want to hear anymore, ‘When are you going to move your data to the cloud?'”

There are a few reasons CIOs are starting to ignore the pressure to adopt the cloud: security; accessibility to and removability of their data; and pricing models. CIOs ideally want a model based on performance, with low risk and flexible business models.

In addition to revealing the top trends and concerns in cloud, Cloud Pulse® ranked Australian cloud service providers. Datacom was awarded the best local provider of cloud services and came in third overall for most trusted Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) Cloud Provider, up from No. 23 last year.

The result was based on its value-added proposition, operation of local data centres in four key areas of Australia, ability to give enterprise-level businesses accessibility to their data at all times and its robust in-house security team.

The Longhaus data showed enterprise cloud penetration has soared by 60 percent since 2011, though the gap between CIOs saying they plan to move to cloud and those actually doing it has widened. Longhaus’ Demand Index listed cloud service providers’ adherence to industry standards, compliance to the Australian Privacy Act and security as chief concerns of CIOs. The Cloud Pulse® research also indicated performance, technical features and pricing model as high-ranking issues, with IT leaders expressing a desire to measure results of the cloud. A perceived immaturity in the cloud services market was also highlighted.

For businesses uncertain about the cloud, Datacom consultants can discuss the options that best suits your needs. We have proven experience transitioning enterprises’ infrastructure and applications securely to our local cloud, which ensures our cloud’s robustness, and adhere to NIST-level standards for cloud.

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