Software Licensing Mistakes to Avoid

By Tracy Toth

Software licensing is a core competency for any business, but especially for enterprise organisations that rely on widespread software deployments to achieve targeted business objectives.

Poorly managed software licenses result in real, yet unnecessary, costs to the enterprise. To derive maximum value from your organisation’s licensed software assets, including Microsoft volume licensing, you will need to leverage strategic processes and avoid several common mistakes associated with licensed software assets in enterprise organisations.

  • Cost Inefficiency. Too often, a lack of planning causes organisations to purchase software licenses in a piecemeal fashion and incur cost inefficiencies, simply because they lacked the foresight to take advantage of volume licensing and other opportunities.
  • Inadequate Documentation. All software and related assets (including licenses) need to be meticulously documented, creating highly accessible audit trails for vendor requests and other purposes. In complex organisations, license documentation also plays a key role in planning for the retirement of software assets.
  • No Tracking. The best software licensing programmes feature strong tracking tools, giving the organisation granular visibility into renewal dates and license details. This information is vital in helping the organisation become more strategic in its approach to Enterprise Agreement renewals and other license-related activities.
  • Poor Monitoring. Software licensing is a fluid business area since licensing rules and product offerings routinely change to keep pace with vendor policies and the evolution of the enterprise software marketplace. This underscores the need for active monitoring programmes that enable the organisation to stay abreast of new licensing developments.
  • No SAM Plan. The worst mistake enterprises can make is to neglect the creation of a Software Asset Management (SAM) plan. When it comes to software licensing, strategy and planning are your friends — and nearly always result in greater returns on your software license investments.

Datacom consultants specialise in helping enterprises conduct comprehensive software asset management and avoid the pitfalls associated with software licensing initiatives, including the negotiation and deployment of Microsoft volume licensing.

Organisations that leverage third-party software licensing and deployment consultants tend to experience lower overall costs and more highly-optimised software environments than companies that rely exclusively on internal IT resources.

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