Software Asset Management Roles and Responsibilities

By Tracy Toth

Software Asset Management (SAM) optimises the value of Microsoft volume licensing and other software deployments in complex, enterprise-level organisations.

Yet many SAM plans fall short of delivering desired outcomes because internal stakeholders focus exclusively on the technology and fail to discern the roles and responsibilities associated with a robust SAM strategy.

In general, SAM roles and responsibilities can be broken down into two broad categories: (1) The role of the SAM owner, and (2) Local roles and responsibilities.

The SAM owner, or the individual(s) responsible for the governance of software and related assets across the enterprise, plays a pivotal role in the development of the organisation’s SAM plan and the deployment of the resources that will be necessary to ensure its execution.

As high-level stakeholders, SAM owners shoulder the final responsibility for the MS volume licensing compliance, the achievement of targeted software asset management outcomes and seamless SAM coverage across the enterprise.

Local SAM owners and stakeholders, on the other hand, play a more granular role in the software management process. Typically, these individuals are responsible for documenting software assets and assigning management activities to specific individuals in the organisation.

In most enterprises, local SAM stakeholders are also responsible for the implementation of SAM policies and procedures, the management of vendors, contracts and internal customer relationships, MS licensing needs assessments, and other essential software management functions.

In our experience at Datacom, effective software asset management boils down to planning and strategy. By carefully delineating SAM roles and responsibilities, and communicating them clearly across the enterprise, you can lay the foundation for optimised software deployments and SAM success in your organisation.

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