Tap Into the Power of Software Deployment Consultants

By Tracy Toth

Software deployments that exclusively leverage internal IT stakeholders are viable in small organisations. But as the organisation grows, the issues and challenges become more complicated — and the need to tap into the power of an external software deployment consultant comes into much sharper focus.

At Datacom, we specialise in helping enterprise organisations maximise the value of Microsoft volume licensing and other software asset management tasks. We’ve seen firsthand how the use of external software consultants can free up internal IT resources for value-added tasks.

But more importantly, we’ve discovered that our experience with a range of companies helps our clients avoid implementation delays and other missteps that have a real dollar cost to the enterprise.

For example, in many cases, consultants offer software deployment automation software and ancillary services (e.g. help desk support or end-user training) that streamline the process and generate efficiencies in the implementation of enterprise solutions. A server virtualisation programme can also be a smart move because it allows new systems to be deployed with reduced hardware costs.

Every organisation is different. One may be wrestling with delivering core infrastructure support services across distinct business groups. Another may have a more technical priority, such as moving key software assets to a cloud-computing platform. Still others may simply be in an exploratory mode — wondering how their software deployment and software asset management infrastructure can be improved upon. By working with a large and experienced software deployment consultant, enterprises can ensure that their needs are met.

With good software deployment consultants on the project, the work will get done and internal resources become more productive. Leveraging a combination of expertise and resources, consultants ensure that deployments stay on schedule and on budget — critical objectives for organisations that are depending on a software deployment to achieve targeted business goals or growth objectives.

Finally, enterprises purchase software to increase organisational productivity. If the deployment of the software acquisition is bungled, it has an adverse effect on ROI and can unleash a cascading set of problems on the organisation. By utilising a software and desktop deployment consultant, the organisation gains the ability to maximise both ROI and the outcomes generated by the solution across the enterprise.

If your information technology assets are spiraling out of control, or if you think there’s room for improvement, it’s a good idea to have an initial conversation with a third-party consultant to see what ideas they might have on how you can take things to a higher level.

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