Microsoft Volume Licensing in Australia: What’s new for SQL Server 2012

By Tracy Toth

With the upcoming release of SQL Server 2012 on March 7, Microsoft is offering a plethora of new and improved features that will be useful to Datacom clients in Australia and elsewhere.

SQL Server 2012 will be available in three main editions: Enterprise, Business Intelligence and Standard. For many Datacom clients, the most anticipated new version is the Business Intelligence (BI) version, which adds some nice new features such as data quality services and the Power View data-discovery tool. We are also seeing strong interest in the Enterprise Edition, which includes all the functionality of the BI edition but adds advanced security, high-availability capabilities and a columnar data store.

While there are many benefits to be gained from upgrading to Microsoft SQL Server 2012 — including enhanced availability, usability, productivity, and manageability — IT departments should think critically about how they will make the change, particularly with respect to software licensing.

There are numerous changes to the Microsoft volume licensing terms for the SQL Server 2012 release. Based on the most recent information from Microsoft, SQL Server 2012 Enterprise Edition and SQL Server 2012 Standard Edition will be available on a core-based model, with licenses sold in two-core packs. In addition, SQL Server 2012 Standard Edition will be available on a server plus CAL (client access license) basis. The BI edition is only available via server-plus-CAL licensing.

Datacom consultants are available to assist you with Microsoft volume licensing purchases for SQL Server and other Microsoft products. Based on recent client experiences, this can lead to reduced software licensing costs — often with as much as 40% savings.

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